Inger – the hostess

In 2006 Inger the hostess bought Skúlagata 21 with her daughter and moved to Borgarnes after farming for over 30 years at Indriðastaðir farm in Skorradalur valley (10 km from Borgarnes) with cows, sheep, chicken and horses, the cows remaining her favourite animals as you can see throughout the house and on the names of the rooms, each one bearing the name of a cow from Indriðastaðir farm.

Borgarnes BB

At the age of Kvennalistinn, the powerful ,,Women’s party” movement of Iceland, Inger was a very active member and the ambiance of the Guesthouse is influenced by former fellow-women of the party who often stop by for a little chat on women’s status in Iceland.

The house – Skúlagata 21

Skúlagata 21 was built in 1947 for the boss of the cooperative society of the period, Kaupfélagið, his family and servants. The Kaupfélag’s chefs belonged to the richest people of Iceland and the house is by some considered one of the most beautiful houses in Borgarnes.

The architect is Halldór Jónsson, who also designed the church of Borgarnes. The house of Borgarnes Bed & Breakfast has many unusual features, such as the handmade curved doors.

The idea

In 2007 Inger decided for once and all to be her own boss and opened Borgarnes Bed & Breakfast, combining the elements of being too independent to follow other peoples’ orders and the love of having guests over to her house.

Since then Inger has been welcoming guests from all over the world, fortifying her skills in English and the Scandinavian language and growing her collection of cows. Being an A person, she loves waking up before everybody else and preparing the breakfast buffet at Borgarnes Bed & Breakfast.