Welcome to Borgarnes Bed & Breakfast

Borgarnes BB is a Guesthouse located in the site of Englendingavík creek in the heart of Borgarnes’ historical center. We offer eight comfortable and spacious rooms with made up beds, free WiFi and a comfortable living room. Guests have access to use a microwave and regular oven to heat or reheat already cooked food, such as items purchased in the store, or leftover food brought in from restaurants. Due to our license, guests are not permitted to cook any raw food, including non-meat items, at any time. There is access to a kettle for heating water, and guests have access to a large variety of teas, instant coffee and hot chocolate mix.

Borgarnes BB is run by your hosts Bertha and Jay in a house that was built in 1947 for the chefs of the Cooperative society of the period, Kaupfélagið.

Englendingavík creek is an important part of the commercial history of Borgarnes, where a few of the oldest houses reside, and is a protected site in town. Its name is derived from the historical fact that the first houses that were built in Borgarnes, in 1877, were owned by Englishmen who started a business of salmon canning in the creek.

Borgarnes Bed & Breakfast is an ideal option for those who like quiet atmosphere by the sea, with only a few minutes’ walk to museums, expositions, cafes and restaurants.

It is popular among groups to rent the whole house for themselves over one or more nights. Guests renting the entire house have full access to the kitchen.