About us

Borgarnes Bed & Breakfast is located on the site of Englendingavík cove in the heart of Borgarnes’ historical center. We offer three comfortable and spacious rooms with made up beds, free WiFi and a large living/dining room. Because we are licensed to prepare food, guests are not permitted to cook or prepare any food at any time. Guests have access to a kettle for heating water, and a large variety of teas, instant coffee and hot chocolate mix.

Englendingavík cove is an important part of the commercial history of Borgarnes, where a few of the oldest houses are located, and is a protected site in town. Its name is derived from the historical fact that the first houses that were built in Borgarnes, in 1877, were owned by Englishmen who started a business of salmon canning in the cove.

Borgarnes Bed & Breakfast is run by your hosts Bertha and Jay in a house that was built in 1947 for the chefs of the Cooperative society of the period, Kaupfélagið. Our B&B is an ideal option for those who like a quiet atmosphere by the sea, with only a few minutes’ walk to museums, cafes and restaurants.